2019, The Year of LinkedIn

By: Aser Mokhtar

It is insanely obvious that Microsoft is trying to aggressively develop the marketing services on LinkedIn. Last year they introduced video, influencers entered the LinkedIn paradise, and products were connected to Bing.

LinkedIn now offers marketers to post native LinkedIn videos up to 10 minutes long. Their algorithm promotes these videos over other content types, as research shows that video posts are shared 20x more than any other content.

In addition to all that, they introduced Video Ads. These video ads will help you build brand awareness with professionals, drive qualified leads & acquire customers, and measure the impact of your video campaigns.

75% of business executives prefer to watch video content, so LinkedIn are definitely taking the B2B marketing to the right direction.

In addition to their video ads, LinkedIn provides several ad variants for enterprise, these include sponsored inMail, self-serve, dynamic, and text ads.

The LinkedIn Audience Network allows marketers to reach LinkedIn members on other websites based on their demographics or behavioral groups.

According to LinkedIn, the statistics from the new service shows an increase in unique impressions by 3-13% and unique link clicks by up to 80%!

Then there is the LinkedIn Matched Audiences, which is an ad feature that comes in three key features:

  • Retargeting visitors to websites.
  • Targeting key decision makers at business.
  • Contact targeting through email lists or CRM data.

To conclude, LinkedIn are doing a great job taking B2B digital marketing to the next level and this year will definitely be the LinkedIn year. Whether by video ads to their Audience Network, they are expanding B2B marketing.

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