About Us

Purple is a Digital Marketing company with knowledge of the Egyptian and Swiss markets, committed to providing its clients with the best quality services in digital marketing and advertising. At Purple, we are in continuous search of new ways, trends, and technologies to help our clients with their digital and social media requirements and objectives. Our main aim is presenting our client brand in the finest way through our different digital marketing and social media services and help them to reach their target audience effectively.

Powered By our People 
The Excellence of our people represent the foundation of our ability to serve clients. Purple digital marketing is a home to some of the brightest and most dedicated digital marketing and advertising minds that account to the company’s rapid success and the satisfaction of its clients. This is why we are devoted to locating extraordinary people, develop their skills, and create an environment that nurtures their growth.

Defined by knowledge 
At Purple we thoroughly study each project singularly before setting executional plans. We study client’s requirements, business field, environmental characteristics, upcoming trends, and economic and political events that could directly or indirectly present an opportunity or a threat to our clients.