Will Shoppers And Developers Adapt to Proximity Marketing In-Store?

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Today’s constantly connected consumers are using smartphones in-store more than ever.

A recent Google survey states that a staggering 80 percent of shoppers are using smartphones to make purchasing decisions. Retailers and start-ups have taken notice, and the concepts of mobile location analytics and proximity marketing are emerging out of that.

Publications like Techcrunch and Adweek have articles of retailers launching Bluetooth beacon pilot programs almost on a daily basis. Some recent examples includeTarget, Country Market and Urban Outfitters.

But when you clear away all the buzzwords, what exactly […]

Color Psychology-Marketing Strategies For Social Media

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92.6% of people say that visual stimulation was the reason they pushed the buy now button.

In visual marketing, color reigns supreme.

Color brings harmony.

Visual stimulation, when done correctly, engages the viewer and brings about creating an inner sense of order and balance in the visual experience.

When you have found your correct color psychology in your marketing your strategy flows, people convert, and customers are attracted to your brand.

In this article I want to talk about picking the right color for your content on social media and why it’s so […]

Opinion Mining…. The Trick up Every Marketer’s Sleeve

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We all wish we could pick people’s brains for honest opinions and emotions…And we Brand owners are no different. We also seek the honest subjective opinion and feedback of our fans towards a new feature, product, or even an ad campaign we just launched. And since today’s technological advancements all combine to aid marketers sell their products and services, new tools were developed to extract this type of information from people’s minds. These tools are called Sentiment analysis tools or also known as opinion mining. Before you start thinking about voodoo dolls and black magic, allow […]

The 20 Most Interesting Social Networks

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Human beings are social creatures, and therefore, are dedicated to creating and participating in “social networks” in order to express and share their ideas. With the rise of the internet, people began satisfying this natural necessity in online communities such as internet forums. The evolution of these social forums resulted in today’s global social networking.

Today, everyone has heard of the most popular social network– Facebook – but there are many more social networks than solely Mark Zuckerberg’s po­pular website. Some of these are designed for sharing information, some can help you find a […]

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