ibeacon Technology - Indoor Navigation

ibeacon Technology – Indoor Navigation

ibeacons are small devices that send data using low energy Bluetooth signals to devices within its range. These data sent through ibeacon are referred to as “Marketing Packages”.

ibeacon 2

These marketing packages include:

  • Store and event greeting, like “welcome to our shop” messages or “Happy holidays”.
  • Product and item information, like material and prices.
  • Discounts and coupons.
  • Announcements and notifications, example when the store is approaching closing time.
  • Customer assistance; we can help your clients and attend to their concerns like availability of sizes, models, and colors.
  • Providing directions; providing directions inside a building or a shop to deliver customers to certain destinations.

ibeacon 1


And much more all with the ability to spread the buzz across different social media channels as users share these messages with their friends and followers…



At Purple we utilize our knowledge and experience of the ibeacon technology to help enhance your brand and give your business the best out of it. We tailor all your marketing messages and promotions and manage their impact and sequels on social media to ensure reaching the desired target audience and spread the word to their circles.

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